Collective Remembering Through Institutional Art

A story tracing the mystery on Gonomanggala-Sangid Monument, by a researcher, Daliho Kusbirin – Director of Study for Runcuk Land.

Dear visitors, we apologize profusely. Due to a local official administration process, ‘Gono Manggala Sangid’ statue, found by Sir Henry Irving (1813), cannot be publicly shown in an official exhibition. Thus for the time being, the statue and associated research studies are stored at storage in Cemeti Art House.

We are grateful to Mr. Daliho who has been trying to negotiate with local authorities to somehow give us (visitors to the Liminal Project in Cemeti), a chance to catch a glimpse of this valuable artifact, without removing it from storage of Cemeti Art House.

Coinciding with the Liminal Art Project, it is our pleasure to welcome visitors to access this artifact, which may have escaped from our collective memory. To bring this history forward, Alternative Historical Research Department has invited Mr. Daliho Kusbirin to conduct the research necessary so that this knowledge can be shared amongst us all. We do hope that it will be useful.

  1. Please contact the official Cemeti staff member who is in charge of guiding to assist you to access the Gono Manggala Sangid artifact.
  2. When you have completed the necessary forms, you will receive a visitor card, white gloves, and face mask to be put on when you enter the storage space.
  3. There will be always a Cemeti Staff member accompanying your visit.
  4. When you are leaving the storage space, do not forget to sign the attendance document, and return all items you have received.


  1. Do not take photographs
  2. Food, drinks and smoking are prohibited in the storage space.
  3. Maximum number of visitors is 5 persons at the same time in the storage space. Please queue, when the storage space is in use.
  4. Please be seated outside of the storage area (outside of the red lines) if you have not yet received a visitor card.
  5. Catalogue and any other merchandise related to this are available by order.