I Forgot What I Remember

ARCUS PROJECT, Ibaraki, Japan

Anggawan Kusno used his studio to create the “Lost and Found and Lost and What Department”. The project is a temporary fictional institution only open in the daytime during the open studios period. The institution presents a number of personal histories accumulating through the residency, making a collection based on anonymous responses to a secret questionnaire that Kusno ask for Moriya residents, face-to-face interviews on war experiences, and research on post-war Japan and local history.

Anatomy of The (Lost) Memory
Anatomy of The Lost Memory

Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Artraker Biennale Award / Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Malta

performance in collaboration with Jamaluddin Latif

This work is a site-specific installation which produced in 2015 as the part of “Liminal” project, organized by Cemeti Art House. In this work, I intervened Cemeti by making a special bureau for “Alternative History Research”. There I staged an initiative (fictional) project of borrowing an ancient artifact from the British Museum, which comprises the comprehensive studies of a monument  “stolen” by Sir Stamford Raffles (former general governor in Dutch East Indies in early 19th century). It is stated that this artifact signifies the reoccurrence of mass-murder incidents in Java along the history.